Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Rustenburg’s costs?

    Although Rustenburg offers a uniquely picturesque setting, world-class facilities and extensive therapeutic support, our pricing follows industry norms. Fees include 24-hour care and are fully inclusive of accommodation, meals and the treatment programme. Supplementary charges will be incurred for medical consultations and pharmaceutical prescriptions not directly related to the programme, as well as laundry service and certain recreational excursions. Please contact us for more information on our costs.

  • What are the admission criteria?

    Clients must have an alcohol, drug or other addictive disorder and a degree of willingness to engage with the programme. Clients need to be psychologically stable, 18 years or over and physically and psychologically able to cope with the demands of the programme. Pending legal proceedings are not necessarily an exclusion criteria and family members and/or significant others should also be willing to contribute their time to the process.

  • When are clients admitted?

    Clients can be admitted on any day of the week once a pre-admission assessment has been completed. Assessments can be completed by telephone; overseas clients can usually be assessed by our affiliates in most locations abroad. Once clients arrive in Cape Town they will be met at the airport and safely transferred to Rustenburg.

  • What’s the shortest stay possible?

    The shortest programme cycle available is 4-weeks. We recommend a full 6 weeks to achieve the maximum benefit. Rustenburg will provide medication for stabilisation for a few days after admission but any complicated detox will be done at a local hospital and will incur an additional cost.

  • Are clients permitted cell phones?

    You may use your phone three times a week once you have completed your first week of treatment

    For how long:

    15 minutes on Monday and Wednesday
    30 minutes on Saturday

    You may use your laptop and mobile phone for administrative and or business purposes twice a week

    For how long:

    One hour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

  • What is the dress code? What should clients pack?

    Comfort is the key priority with regard to the client’s stay at Rustenburg. Clients are however expected to dress every day and are not permitted to attend the programme in sleepwear. The recreational programme requires exercise or gym wear along with casual leisure clothing, including good walking shoes or trainers. A full list of requirements and recommended clothing can be requested.

  • How is confidentiality respected?

    Rustenburg respects the confidentiality of each client. No report of your participation in the programme will issued to anyone without your express permission. Your presence at Rustenburg will be neither confirmed nor denied should anyone enquire.

  • Will problems other than addiction be addressed?

    The treatment programme will focus primarily on addictive behaviours and the problems it has caused in the client’s life. However, we understand that addiction does not occur in a vacuum and therefore our team of professionals will always attempt to address other issues including depression, family breakdowns and employment difficulties. We will always look at the bigger picture but our starting point is the addiction. Often secondary addictions, which have been concealed by the primary problem, emerge during the course of treatment. These too will be addressed.

  • How do I know if I have an alcohol or drug problem that needs treatment?

    Many people admit to problematic drug and alcohol use but are unsure whether it requires treatment. Others know they desperately need help but are unwilling to pursue treatment. Some believe treatment is of no benefit because ultimately getting and staying clean has to be done on your own. If you share any of these sentiments and are unsure what to do next, we suggest you call and discuss your options with us.

  • Is only drug and alcohol addiction treated?

    Our primary area of expertise is substance dependence disorders – illicit drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals, but members of our team have special expertise in behavioural addictions like gambling, sex, food and video gaming. Each addictive behaviour has its own nuance but they all share much in common.

  • Can friends and family visit?

    They may visit during designated visiting hours. Please enquire. It is requested that visitors bear in mind the nature of the facility when planning the visit. People deemed inappropriate may be asked to leave.

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