Our Addiction Programme

Rustenburg offers a holistic and comprehensive programme that is client centred and rooted in understanding the individual as a whole. Addiction and mental health issues are complex and require a dynamic, creative and caring environment that aims to offer the individual the support, care and guidance that each of our client’s require.

Our programme consists of individual counselling, group therapy sessions and psycho-educational lectures. Our schedule creates an environment that encourages our clients to gain a deeper understanding about themselves and their challenges and to work towards empowering them to make the necessary changes to assist them on their personal journey to recovery.

All clients are carefully and considerately assigned to an individual counsellor who will guide them on their treatment journey and walk alongside them as they unpack and process challenges, stumbling blocks, traumas and any other difficulties as they arise.

Rustenburg is a 12-step friendly programme that will introduce our clients to the fellowship in a collaborative and personalised way in order to facilitate and access long-term support networks that will assist you on your recovery journey.

Individual Therapy

Together with your individual counsellor, time is spent engaging with and processing the various aspects that may be contributing factors in maintaining the addictive cycle in your life. These may include family related issues, difficulties in your work or home environment, past traumas or mental health or relationship difficulties.

Our aim is help you to find the means to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing and to provide you with the tools you need to change your life for the better! We believe that everyone deserves a life in recovery and our team is committed to helping you get to where you want to be.

As the treatment process progresses, we help clients to review and prepare for the practicalities of returning to their lives outside of Rustenburg and guide them on how to implement and activate the changes they want to make for their futures. Our team is mindful of putting the necessary structures in place that serve to strengthen our clients recovery process and create a solid foundation on which they can begin to build the sober life they want!

Our Therapy Sessions

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Gender Groups

Where you can share in a gender specific space on topics you may not feel comfortable discussing with the opposite sex (including for those suffering from Gender Based Violence).

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Therapy Group

Which is an open platform where you are guided in sharing your experiences and can feel heard by others.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Expressive Therapy and Music Therapy

Offers our clients the opportunity to reconnect with themselves in a manner that is fun, communicative and supportive. We engage in art making, movement therapy, drumming etc.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Down-time and Reflection

Between formal therapeutic and recreation sessions, clients are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful setting by taking “down-time” to walk, meditate or reflect.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Aftercare Group

A weekly group for discharged clients to receive therapy at no cost to them, where they can reconnect with their community, have a supportive structure, share and receive feedback on their daily struggles in early recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Life Skills Group

Offers clients an opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the tools provided. They also learn to conflict manage, use their voice and become assertive, set smart goals, and discuss the implementation of boundaries.

Steps To Success

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Clients are provided with a concept of addiction that they can readily understand and accept; one which will make sobriety and recovery a meaningful and sustainable exercise.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

With their individual counsellor in one-to-one sessions, time is spent on those core psycho-social issues which contribute to the maintenance of the client’s addictive behaviour. These would include family issues, problems at work and domestic or living environment difficulties.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

Counsellors will also help the client to look at the psychological, family or childhood traumas that could be contributing to the problem. The aim is to help the client find the means to overcome these obstacles to recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

The final phase of treatment will help the client review and prepare for the practicalities of returning to life (work, family life, recreation and their domestic environment) in a sober fashion.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

The team will put structures in place that strengthen the recovery process wherever the client may come from. These include connecting with a designated aftercare counsellor and ongoing care groups

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre

We also introduce clients to the 12 Step Fellowship while in treatment, as this can provide an ongoing recovery support structure after treatment.

Recovery From Addiction


The informal support programme includes drumming, art therapy, psycho-drama, gym and an outdoor aerobic fitness programme.

Clients enjoy weekend outings to destinations of interest around the Cape Peninsula. The facility has two swimming pools for use in the summer, and there are areas designated to basketball, volleyball and football.

We provide a shuttle service to the local mall once a week to allow for necessity shopping. We have a fitness instructor who provides cardio mindful movement and strength based training exercises.

There are various exercises/gym activities that are offered (yoga, stretches, water aerobics) all of which teaches the clients teamwork while allowing their bodies to become physically stronger.