Local Admissions

On admission, all clients receive a comprehensive intake assessment, including medical, nursing and, if required, psychiatric assessment. Medication will be provided to clients that need assistance with the initial stabilisation phase or if any underlying psychiatric disorder is identified. After an initial investigation into the circumstances contributing to the client’s addiction, the programme will then identify some of the mistaken beliefs that keeps the client locked into their addictive behaviour.

International Admissions

Together with your individual counsellor, time is spent engaging with and processing the various aspects that may be contributing factors in maintaining the addictive cycle in your life. These may include family related issues, difficulties in your work or home environment, past traumas or mental health or relationship difficulties. Our aim is help you to find the means to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing and to provide you with the tools you need to change your life for the better! We believe that everyone deserves a life in recovery and our team is committed to helping you get to where you want to be. As the treatment process progresses, we help clients to review and prepare for the practicalities of returning to their lives outside of Rustenburg and guide them on how to implement and activate the changes they want to make for their futures. Our team is mindful of putting the necessary structures in place that serve to strengthen our clients recovery process and create a solid foundation on which they can begin to build the sober life they want!